Thursday, April 21, 2016


You slept with skeletons 
and I still wake up with dismissive attention 
You beg for forgiveness 
but you're being forgotten 
you were too intoxicated to see 
anything other than
those desolated days you lived in
time can only tell 
but you're still dragging me into a fog 
you left me in hollywood
yearning and writing on empty walls
i'm wasting my mind 
because you decided on the one you left behind
your mind was confined 
and I still have that sick twisted smile
due to the anticipation of your yearning
I thought i’d be here for the rest of my life
but I’m gone so here’s your kiss goodbye. 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Venomous silk

Shattered faith
On broken wine glasses
Emotions revealed in black and white
Starting fights
To keep the numbing out
Listening to the white noise
From frequencies of heart beats
It's the sweaty palms
That make it hard to hold on
With eyes burning like fire
Tears neglected
To remind the soul of the journey
That's to come
of what's left to fight
And that's not to leave
An erratic route of
A bestowal of uncanny blessings
Sent from an angel
Who's fallen
Once or twice
And has obtained such venomous lips
Yet, determined and capable
in delivering such a silky kiss.