Wednesday, January 27, 2016

El nino

I remember that night 
The night it decided to rain 
A thunderstorm you could say 
We stood there in our own little paradox 
An ice chest full of warmth 
We latched on to each others ugliness 
Because it was a friendly reminder 
That even the ugly can love and be loved 
Be so desperately desired 
And able to desire so desperately 
We needed to hear the answers
Our questions revealed to us 
And now 
The rain has stopped 
California in a drought 
We're somewhere in between 
Love and abuse 
A silver lining of what was 
And what twill be 
A melting pot of the past, the new and the used 
They're tempting us to join their teams 
The gray and the happy 
I watch the work of my words define me 
The words that fight till the end 
And you, babe, my perfect punching bag 
I've got one hand on your heart 
And my wine all over the floor 
You asked me to turn up the volume
to keep the white noise out
I told you that it was 
"The silence of the vinyl that touches the soul"
I wish I didn't have to 
But I told you so
And if I'm not already gone 
Ive got one foot out of the door 
it wasn't me 
it never was 
it was you