Sunday, November 1, 2015

I would travel the world to find
And I’d run with my dreams just to have them in time

”Yes, I’ll go over but honey, what did you have in mind?”
What will you make me do?
When we pass the time will we waste it?
 I’m okay with whatever comes from this.

Through passionate times He turned water into wine.
I’ve come to find
That you can’t learn by standing in the line.
No fixed destination lets follow the blank sign.
 Don’t listen too closely to what they say
They’ll just try to kill you on your way.
My only advice is: 
Misery loves company, whatever you do, don't join in.
Take off your mask I want to see your face,
Intrigue my mind because I love the taste.

This town will offer many things.
But don’t stay long enough to see what it brings.
Lets go get high;
 It’s all that’s promising.
Your heart must beat for you
 And mine for mine
and we together we'll share the time. 

I just want to hear your story.
You’re either with me- or you’re leaving me.
 I don’t mind standing alone.
 I want you by my side but I can get there on my own.

So listen closely now, baby,
I promise this kind of life is hard to find.
Leave all of the comfort you once knew, behind.
 People search the world to be free,
Close your eyes so that you can clearly see.
I don’t think you know just how beautiful you are
 Something so simple shouldn’t be so hard.

With two feet in you’ll set the tone.

Lets follow our souls and walk each other home

Saturday, October 3, 2015


An aimless spirit, a lingering soul,
one that doesn't let me sleep
 One that raises many questions
with thoughts that can't speak
& blurs the vision I use to see
questions in which I don't need answered 
or can't answer
          I wasn't always this way
 it was simply a dream 
To live freely without a specific destination 
for the future is a revelation 
only a mouth full of experiences
a heart with beautiful told secrets
 and many feelings to sing 
         I have an appetite to be intimate with myself and you 
& to continuously achieve autonomy 
Convincing ourselves that we are worthy 
Hopefully, you listen to the body I use to speak 
A tongue that does the walking 
         Wont you dispel the myths of being poor 
because I see a survivor
a strumming hero with great stories
because we all know that I could get lost in your tongue
I want to know your story 
& where you come from 
Dispel your myths of suffering 
because I see strength
from every lesson you've kept

         Last night is this morning
and you're glistening
 It's the present and were living 
Im afraid too
but we build the bridges as we walk that way
and sing the songs were to afraid to say

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Yes, No, Maybe so

For all of my dreams to come true, i’d crawl
awake at night watching my thoughts, just like particles, fall 
My parents instilled the art of praying if I wanted a real change 
so for a second I thought, damn, I may need to be saved
through the binoculars you say I’m insane 
but under my finger tips I found my escape 
my eyes wide open as my heart beat tells my brain
wanting something greater than the sounds of the trains
that i heard at night when all of the world was asleep 
while the moon beautifully awaits the sun as she silently weeps
for it to come back 
like a lost dream that fell into the cracks
or a lost puppy looking for some facts

there were so many days just wasted 
being lost and jaded 
impatient and frustrated 
loving something tainted 
getting so dismayed 
driving in the vehicle & wondering if i should just wreck it
Words from my heart do you fear it or do you feel it?
writing things down needing someone to hear it


Found something so speakable 
now we’re doing the unspeakable 
talking about the “unreachable” 
sipping on our wine as we plan for the unthinkable
making it about purpose because life in itself is not meaningful
every morning is anything but dreadful 
because i’d give my life for the truth 
and that’s the truth 
crawling to the top but starting at the roof

Saturday, September 26, 2015

overreaction is the under reaction

I know you can be capable of loving me 
but you’re too busy reliving all of your misery
to even realize when you’re treating me unfairly 
I’d like to think I know you better than you’d think 
so there’s a part of you inside of me that speak
I need to be the one to say, i’m loosing faith 
in something I wanted until death 
and that was the only thing that could do us apart 
but now it’s like you just can’t stop 
your tongue spits venom that doesn’t last
you chase women that can’t come back
only to take yourself to a place when everything was in tact
you say you can’t stop 
but it’s not fair you’re on a single race to the top
it’s the empty promises that control us
words that come from you don’t come from love
words that come from you show me i’m not enough
you’re saying anything and all I’m hearing is unjust 
everything i gave you i don’t want it back 
but there’s no need to over react 
sometimes people serve their purpose 
and the rest becomes irrelevant 
I think I’m losing faith when it’s all said and done
but, baby, you’re already gone. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Mastering the master

Pure certainty 
Is how you looked at me 
All of your words 
And everything you showed me
I stayed in bliss 
With just enough ignornace 

It's the parts of me 
That most can't see 
Is the part of me 
That keeps you coming 

You've mastered the art of touch 
And it's sealed in gold 
You lose just enough 
and I surrender my control
Because you feel me 
under my diamonds and gold 
You're more than enough 
and we take notes
as we help each other unfold. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Trouble never felt so good

Im in a small team
But maybe I shouldn't be?
We're all similar so differently

And there you go being overly friendly
And I just gives those looks out like candy
And we live it like were dreaming
 cause it's about what we haven't seen

Whats a night without a cigarette
Doing things we never wanna forget
You pour my life into a wine glass
Conversations get heated and were smoking too fast
I speak about love lust death and fate
You fall every time and I always become your soulmate

You say I'm trouble
But you're trouble

It's the sound of your name
That silences my demons and puts them to shame.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Perhaps so

When you think you love someone you naturally want to become a better individual, you aspire to be better, to obtain a softer touch, a sweeter smile, a louder laugh, and a nicer smell. You automatically begin to place this persons interest before your own. Maybe it's not even about falling in love with someone for dancing with your angels, but falling in love with someone who has the power to silence your most powerful demons with the single sound of their name. I mean do we really know what we think we know? When you're out of love you're most likely to do anything just to feel something. And sometimes hell is meant to be seen so that we appreciate heaven when it comes ... Perhaps love is meant to save us from ourselves.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


What should we really expect from today and on after?
pity, bliss, or maybe non stop laughter
The outcome of a decision from a distant field of smiles
With sleepless nights of an unforgettable series of miles

What should we actually expect to gain?
Possibly a day, a week, a month with no pain
Or a strengthful yet naive mended beating heart
But I know we've already made a mark

What could we literally expect say
The truth; A lie, or the dream we dreamt during the day

But, I can tell you what I expect from after today
wakeful nights of you screaming my name
comfortably cryless hours and my hand in yours
The beat of our hearts dancing of course
in our dimful room beneath the light of our love
and he who introduced us; watching from above.

You'll show me what you expect from today and on after
when your words tickle my heart; & fill me up with laughter, 
the pain my cheeks feel from the smile to each ear,
Are all continuous reminders that your heart is here
a victorious outcome of a stolen heart
because we couldn't stand to be apart
being so fearless with every step we take
and every memory we naturally make.

What can we really expect from after today?
it's something I cannot predict simply live it day by day
but I dream of a permanent smile with you as my shelter
and that's what makes our present stay for the later.

Do we just live it and wait
and hope our plans do not change
or do we live a dream and make our own fate?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

An open letter to the XX

At one point in my life I watched you, watch him, while he watched me. I didn't know if I should feel sorry for you or for him. But I wanted him, man, I wanted him so badly. It was almost as if I couldn't resist him... and he knew it. He needed me; may have been safe to say we needed each other. I remember thinking to myself: "I'm going to take all that I can from him. He's going to be mine." Completely dismissing the fact that he was yours, I acted upon this desirable attraction. He didn't remind me with any actions either. But you know something, there was something about the innocence of it all that was as enticing as the desert he'd have prepared for me. It made them all want some. There was something about the innocence he'd taken from me that I discovered something about myself, about him. I kept at it, I kept at him. He kept coming back but always went back home to you. He was mine for dinner but yours for breakfast. Darling, it was liberating in a chained up at a buffet kind of way. He was mine from a far but he was yours from so close. Darling, you had nothing to worry about. He wasn't going to leave you, not for me, at least. Unless, you left him too. He wasn't going to just walk out on you. He's not a quitter. Besides, it was simply platonic. Until, you allowed it to get as far as it did. Yeah, because where there is chaos there is calculation.
Either way, we needed a miracle and what we got was each other. That's the funny thing about seizing the moments; they'll come back to haunt to you. To better understand the future maybe we sometimes we need to go back in time. 
At one point in my life I watched you, watch him, while he watched me. I know now that it wasn't him I felt sorry for. He needed someone to share his love and passions with. He has a certain darkness that allows you to see the stars. And you were just way to used to being left that you couldn't ever fully let him in. He's a gentleman who lived in an unappreciative place. & I'm a woman who loves diamonds. You made him feel dim; so he did what he knew to do; he shined in a world of vibrancy. I go back to that place sometimes, and wonder... Where would we be, had I not walked into his life that day? I can thank a million broken roads that led us straight to each other. It would've been foolish of us to not create our own magic. You know, some things are better off as memories only to look back on how far we've come. I may not have acted morally acceptable and he may not have been thinking straight but sometimes there's gotta be certain risks you're just willing to take.

The truth about the right person for you

The "right people" will never waltz right into your life at the "wrong time" because the right people, are well, timeless. The right time is a figment of our imagination. An excuse we tell ourselves to feel a little less... cold. All time disappears when you find the right person. You aren't worried about fitting them into a list of complexities in your planner, because it just naturally happens. They just become a part of your schedule. In all honesty, the right person isn't going to make you feel like they're standing in the way of your dreams and wants. They become your motivation to keep doing better and to keep trying to improve yourself because you have all of the time in the world with them around. When "it's not the right time" what you really mean is "its not the right person." They may be perfect but not perfect for you and that's okay! But the secret to having it all is acting like you already do. Think about it, you've just won the mega millions jackpot, why on earth would you wait to cash in the winning ticket? Just do me this favor and understand that there will never be a magical time when the universe heals all of your wounds or answers all of your questions... But I know there will be a person that walks into your life that makes the issue of time irrelevant for the simple fact of not wanting to waste another minute and knows that sometimes the "magic" you've been waiting for is just you seizing the moment and  making it yours!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

My wildest dream

I feel like i've wanted you
ever since I could remember
You're all I spoke about

Being in your presence
creates a great amount of fear,
You bring me to awareness
of the present, to look within my soul
It's nirvana and you deliver me there.

You kill me
when people are around
and you rebuild me when i'm alone
I can't clearly explain
But I know it's you- You take me home

You handle my bones
And allow me to voice my soul
You remind me that I'm not alone
I promise it'll be just us two
You say it's up to me- but I say its up to you
Forever comes sooner than you think
I'll leave those pieces on the floor
So I can finally have you- my dream
Together we'll head towards the door.

I feel like i've wanted you
ever since I could remember
You say you'll love me like forever will be
This time around I won't be afraid & you say "follow me"

A motion picture

So I sat there and watched him
Ready to observe poetry in motion
A moment ever lasting 
Never Exhausting 
A motion picture, he became my movie 
I became ready to wear his skin
to help him wear himself thin 
and he'll inspire the words i'll say 
While I full-fill his every crave 
His soul will create waves
In the ocean, my wavering sea, just like the moon. 
Sometimes, I wonder if it's too soon
But we're killing time just as much as we kill the days 
Ready to rebuild ourselves
and watch the world move out of our way 


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Footprints of Ink

She tells stories to explain her life
With the fingertips that bleed ink
If its on the shelf she's said "Goodbye"
Along with many of the stories that she will tell
Some of you stayed and some of your fell
And when life gets crowded
There's times that even she has doubted
But it's nothing she can't say clearly
Through a keyboard that helps her dearly.
Rows of perfectly coherent sentences,
Other endless rows of scattered phrases
Stories that need no explanation
And others to no fixed destination
She stands this day
with smeared footprints of ink
others, in the ocean of her heart that stand
and never sink
Every story she's told
I bet you'd never know
If that was you- now or before
You are who she stands as today
And she wouldn't have wanted it
any other way
In hopes that one day,
She too, can keep someone awake.