Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Footprints of Ink

She tells stories to explain her life
With the fingertips that bleed ink
If its on the shelf she's said "Goodbye"
Along with many of the stories that she will tell
Some of you stayed and some of your fell
And when life gets crowded
There's times that even she has doubted
But it's nothing she can't say clearly
Through a keyboard that helps her dearly.
Rows of perfectly coherent sentences,
Other endless rows of scattered phrases
Stories that need no explanation
And others to no fixed destination
She stands this day
with smeared footprints of ink
others, in the ocean of her heart that stand
and never sink
Every story she's told
I bet you'd never know
If that was you- now or before
You are who she stands as today
And she wouldn't have wanted it
any other way
In hopes that one day,
She too, can keep someone awake. 


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