Thursday, February 12, 2015

My wildest dream

I feel like i've wanted you
ever since I could remember
You're all I spoke about

Being in your presence
creates a great amount of fear,
You bring me to awareness
of the present, to look within my soul
It's nirvana and you deliver me there.

You kill me
when people are around
and you rebuild me when i'm alone
I can't clearly explain
But I know it's you- You take me home

You handle my bones
And allow me to voice my soul
You remind me that I'm not alone
I promise it'll be just us two
You say it's up to me- but I say its up to you
Forever comes sooner than you think
I'll leave those pieces on the floor
So I can finally have you- my dream
Together we'll head towards the door.

I feel like i've wanted you
ever since I could remember
You say you'll love me like forever will be
This time around I won't be afraid & you say "follow me"

A motion picture

So I sat there and watched him
Ready to observe poetry in motion
A moment ever lasting 
Never Exhausting 
A motion picture, he became my movie 
I became ready to wear his skin
to help him wear himself thin 
and he'll inspire the words i'll say 
While I full-fill his every crave 
His soul will create waves
In the ocean, my wavering sea, just like the moon. 
Sometimes, I wonder if it's too soon
But we're killing time just as much as we kill the days 
Ready to rebuild ourselves
and watch the world move out of our way 


Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Footprints of Ink

She tells stories to explain her life
With the fingertips that bleed ink
If its on the shelf she's said "Goodbye"
Along with many of the stories that she will tell
Some of you stayed and some of your fell
And when life gets crowded
There's times that even she has doubted
But it's nothing she can't say clearly
Through a keyboard that helps her dearly.
Rows of perfectly coherent sentences,
Other endless rows of scattered phrases
Stories that need no explanation
And others to no fixed destination
She stands this day
with smeared footprints of ink
others, in the ocean of her heart that stand
and never sink
Every story she's told
I bet you'd never know
If that was you- now or before
You are who she stands as today
And she wouldn't have wanted it
any other way
In hopes that one day,
She too, can keep someone awake.