Saturday, September 26, 2015

overreaction is the under reaction

I know you can be capable of loving me 
but you’re too busy reliving all of your misery
to even realize when you’re treating me unfairly 
I’d like to think I know you better than you’d think 
so there’s a part of you inside of me that speak
I need to be the one to say, i’m loosing faith 
in something I wanted until death 
and that was the only thing that could do us apart 
but now it’s like you just can’t stop 
your tongue spits venom that doesn’t last
you chase women that can’t come back
only to take yourself to a place when everything was in tact
you say you can’t stop 
but it’s not fair you’re on a single race to the top
it’s the empty promises that control us
words that come from you don’t come from love
words that come from you show me i’m not enough
you’re saying anything and all I’m hearing is unjust 
everything i gave you i don’t want it back 
but there’s no need to over react 
sometimes people serve their purpose 
and the rest becomes irrelevant 
I think I’m losing faith when it’s all said and done
but, baby, you’re already gone. 

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