Sunday, November 1, 2015

I would travel the world to find
And I’d run with my dreams just to have them in time

”Yes, I’ll go over but honey, what did you have in mind?”
What will you make me do?
When we pass the time will we waste it?
 I’m okay with whatever comes from this.

Through passionate times He turned water into wine.
I’ve come to find
That you can’t learn by standing in the line.
No fixed destination lets follow the blank sign.
 Don’t listen too closely to what they say
They’ll just try to kill you on your way.
My only advice is: 
Misery loves company, whatever you do, don't join in.
Take off your mask I want to see your face,
Intrigue my mind because I love the taste.

This town will offer many things.
But don’t stay long enough to see what it brings.
Lets go get high;
 It’s all that’s promising.
Your heart must beat for you
 And mine for mine
and we together we'll share the time. 

I just want to hear your story.
You’re either with me- or you’re leaving me.
 I don’t mind standing alone.
 I want you by my side but I can get there on my own.

So listen closely now, baby,
I promise this kind of life is hard to find.
Leave all of the comfort you once knew, behind.
 People search the world to be free,
Close your eyes so that you can clearly see.
I don’t think you know just how beautiful you are
 Something so simple shouldn’t be so hard.

With two feet in you’ll set the tone.

Lets follow our souls and walk each other home

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