Saturday, October 3, 2015


An aimless spirit, a lingering soul,
one that doesn't let me sleep
 One that raises many questions
with thoughts that can't speak
& blurs the vision I use to see
questions in which I don't need answered 
or can't answer
          I wasn't always this way
 it was simply a dream 
To live freely without a specific destination 
for the future is a revelation 
only a mouth full of experiences
a heart with beautiful told secrets
 and many feelings to sing 
         I have an appetite to be intimate with myself and you 
& to continuously achieve autonomy 
Convincing ourselves that we are worthy 
Hopefully, you listen to the body I use to speak 
A tongue that does the walking 
         Wont you dispel the myths of being poor 
because I see a survivor
a strumming hero with great stories
because we all know that I could get lost in your tongue
I want to know your story 
& where you come from 
Dispel your myths of suffering 
because I see strength
from every lesson you've kept

         Last night is this morning
and you're glistening
 It's the present and were living 
Im afraid too
but we build the bridges as we walk that way
and sing the songs were to afraid to say

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