Tuesday, June 16, 2015


What should we really expect from today and on after?
pity, bliss, or maybe non stop laughter
The outcome of a decision from a distant field of smiles
With sleepless nights of an unforgettable series of miles

What should we actually expect to gain?
Possibly a day, a week, a month with no pain
Or a strengthful yet naive mended beating heart
But I know we've already made a mark

What could we literally expect say
The truth; A lie, or the dream we dreamt during the day

But, I can tell you what I expect from after today
wakeful nights of you screaming my name
comfortably cryless hours and my hand in yours
The beat of our hearts dancing of course
in our dimful room beneath the light of our love
and he who introduced us; watching from above.

You'll show me what you expect from today and on after
when your words tickle my heart; & fill me up with laughter, 
the pain my cheeks feel from the smile to each ear,
Are all continuous reminders that your heart is here
a victorious outcome of a stolen heart
because we couldn't stand to be apart
being so fearless with every step we take
and every memory we naturally make.

What can we really expect from after today?
it's something I cannot predict simply live it day by day
but I dream of a permanent smile with you as my shelter
and that's what makes our present stay for the later.

Do we just live it and wait
and hope our plans do not change
or do we live a dream and make our own fate?