Tuesday, October 14, 2014

the Crazy Cat Lady

      The Crazy Cat Lady
         By: Kimberly Avila 

A few days ago, I was at a coffee shop and I couldn’t help but over hear some women talk about their love lives, careers, and their fear of becoming the "crazy cat lady" at their thirties or forties. I wondered who the crazy cat lady is. Why have I heard of her before? I immediately started to think of all the women I know, or have known and wondered if I knew any that I've considered this. 
I mean cats are cool and exotic; being crazy is always the best kind of fun, and who doesn't want to be considered a lady? Why are they making her seem like a bad thing to be considered?

I envisioned this lady to be gorgeous, strutting around in her Jimmy Choo's when she’s feeling sexy and feminine or in some Tom Ford leather thigh high boots when she’s edgy and channeling her inner vixen while she sports her classic Audrey Hepburn style with her freshwater pearls and her brilliant diamonds, probably wearing Chanel to bed.

Her style is constantly evolving and distinctive. She has mastered aesthetics to the smack dab core. She is a hard worker and you couldn't ever tell from the way she walks or even speaks. She makes it look so graceful. 

She is thought of as "crazy" because she’s passionate, confident, unconventional and unapologetic-ally poetic. She doesn't believe she’s gone mad. She doesn’t believe she’s crazy. In fact, that’s not a worry of hers. She has no worries.
This beautiful striking being has surrounded herself by just the same thing… hence her “cat” reference. She has valued the Bengal and Black cats for companionship. She admires their strong, flexible bodies, with their quick reflexes, sharp retractable claws, and keen senses. They fascinate her. Her fur babies obtain the ability to look into your soul that will probably have you reevaluating your choices because of the wanderlust and unique energy they transmit. They are loyal and exotic. She even has garden of a wide variety of succulents as healthy as she appears. Her admiration for the succulent plant is for the fact that they maintain a habitat that collects and stores water to survive long periods of time in exposure to high levels of minerals that are deadly to other plants. 

She is single because she hasn’t found the right partner not because no one wants her. She’s being selective because she can. She has romantic needs and wants that must be fulfilled. She craves equality and spiritual freedom. She has met plenty of men with potential but she has the ability to recognize that they may be perfect but not perfect for her, and to my concern, that isn’t a problem at all! She understands that it’s not always wise to fall in love with the idea of what a man can be but rather for what he is and what it is. She is in no hurry even though you want to consider her age; she finds her life so precious that she doesn't believe she should ever settle. And you know what? She’s right, ladies! 

She has a great, handful of married girlfriends and she’s happy for them. But as for herself, she believes that there are so many mediocre things in life that her love life shouldn't be one of them.
 She knows it should feel like the movies make it look.

 She needs someone to look into her eyes and run his fingers through the tangles of her soul. She continuously seeks self-autonomy and a constant rediscovery. She may be single but she’s not alone. Her belief of freedom is that there is no rush. She appears strange and wants to find someone stranger. Her confidence will intimidate the boys, as it impresses the men. 

The crazy cat lady, is what you see? 

A woman, who refuses to settle, is what I see. 

Because, you see, sister, it’s all about perspective. The quicker you realize that there is an opportunity in every difficulty, the quicker you will be free. The quicker you realize that the glass isn’t half empty but that there’s more space for more wine, you will be free. 

You will appear crazy. But you will be happy. 

So let’s redefine this "crazy cat lady" and visualize her positively! Since, mature women empower each other.


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